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Food for Thought #3 – Uncalled Feedback

Apple cake

When was the last time you gave personal uncalled feedback? In the past, I observed a lot of people that were displeased or unsatisfied about a service or a product. But when I asked them, “Did you tell them your opinion?” I often get a, “No, I didn’t”. What most people forget is, that it’s very difficult to get an outside view of a situation, when you’re completely involved. If you’re part of the problem, you won’t see what is going wrong. I know it is difficult to look someone in the eyes and tell them the truth, but you’ll shortly recognize that they are thankful that you told them about your concerns. And even better they’ll solve it immediately.

A few weeks ago I bought an apple pie at my local bakery. At home, I found out that the pie tasted completely different than in the months before. It was disgusting (at least in IMHO). I went back to the bakery and told the saleslady about my observation. She went right away to the baker and informed him about my case. In the end, it came out that he bought a different shortening. He was quite happy that I reported my concern. And guess what? Yes, the next apple pie I bought was again delicious.

Another case happened at our favorite pizzeria. The main problem they had was that they had only a few guests. Every time you went to the restaurant you were greeted by a barking, aggressive little dog. I didn’t have a big issue with him. But when we went home my wife told me that she loves dogs, but she feared the little monster. The next time I was there I told them, that there are people who fear the dog and that this could be a reason for the guest problem. Now about a year later the pizzeria is booming. There are no guest problems anymore, and the only thing they changed was to remove the dog. (Just in case you ask: No, I didn’t get any free pizza 😉 )

So what I want to say is this. If you are displeased, unsatisfied or annoyed just open your mouth and talk. Nobody will hit you (at least most of them) for telling them what you have observed. In most cases, they will be happy that at least one person was courageous enough to tell them the simple truth. And so am I if you leave a nice comment.

Food For Thought #2 – You always have a choice


Have you ever been in a situation where you can’t stand it anymore? A situation that wore you down, and kept you from sleeping? A situation were you went in circles, without getting an inch forward and the only thing you did was cursing, blaming others or just doing nothing? I’m sure everybody was in such a situation some time or even now. When you are in such a situation, it helps if you make it clear to yourself that you always have a choice.

It doesn’t matter in what circumstances you are, you always have these three options: Take it, Change it or Leave it.

Take it

Sometimes you just have to accept it. Take it as it is and tick it off. Breathe deep and proceed. There are things in life you can’t change, and so it doesn’t make sense to invest energy in it. Instead, use this energy in other more valuable items.

Change it

So you don’t want to take it? Then change it! Stop moaning and find out how you can change the current situation. If you have an idea, invite your colleagues to a brownbagging session and discuss it with them, or think about a solution focused approach to help you with the current situation. Don’t wait for someone else to make the change, it is up to you.

Leave it

In most of the cases, this is the hardest option. But it may happen that this is the only option that comes into consideration. Does your job suck from Monday to Friday, are you grumpy all the time and your wife wants to leave you? You tried to change the situation but your boss just don’t listen? Then it is time to leave it. Now! There are plenty of other opportunities out there waiting for you, even if you don’t see them yet.

Take it, Change it or Leave it, you always have a choice!