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Agile Eastern Europe 2010

Agile Eastern EuropeA lot of people read about the 10 things that drive ScrumMaster crazy. Now it is time to explain how to defend against these things. The first time I’ll talk about this will be at the Agile Eastern Europe conference which is held on 8-9 October 2010 in Kyiv, Ukraine. Have a look into my short introduction video:

Agileee 2010 Marc Loeffler goes to agileee from Agile Eastern Europe on Vimeo.

Even if you’re not interested and don’t even like Scrum there are plenty of other reasons to go there.

Great program: 2 days, 4 stages, 40 talks & workshops!
Master Classes (CSM, CSPO, Lean, Design) running by the key speakers!
More than 35 Speakers from 18 Countries

The keynote of Agileee 2010 are the stars of worldwide Agile stages:

Agileee’s geography goes far beyond the boundaries of Eastern Europe! Speakers are from all over the world: Jurgen Appelo (Netherlands), Robin Dymond (USA), Yves Hanoulle (Belguim), J.B. Rainsberger (Canada), Danko Kovatch (Israel), Robert Dempsey (USA), Vasco Duarte (Finland), Mack Adams (USA), and others.

Unforgettable  atmosphere – sharing experience, professional contacts, a lot of fun and communication in the spirit of Agileee!

So even if you don’t want to hear me speak there are enough good reasons to go there. Visit agileee.org for more info and register.

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