10 things a Scrum Master can do to drive their team crazy

You are a ScrumMaster, you hate your team and you want to give back what they did to you? Try these 10 things and you will be overwhelmed by the success 😉

  1. Be unaccessible for the team. Is the team self-organizing or not?
  2. Ignore their impediments they will vanish by itself
  3. Always schedule the Scrum meetings at different time and location. Your team loves suprises.
  4. Don’t protect your team.They are adults and don‘t need a babysitter anymore.

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Ball Point Game

Welcome to yet another Scrum Blog on the web. In this blog I want to talk about my experience with Scrum and other agile processes and techniques. In this first article I want to talk about the “Ball Point Game”…

On Monday and Tuesday this week I had my Certified Scrum Master training in munich. Our trainer was Simon Roberts who did a great job. During the training we played the “Ball Point Game” which was originally created by Boris Gloger. They also played the game at the Scrum Gathering in Munich last week.

To play the game you need at least 20 balls (we had 50), e.g. tennis balls and form a circle with your team. The objective of the game is that everyone of the team touches the ball at least once and to pass as many balls as possible. The rules of the game are:

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