ichMarc Löffler

I’m working as evil Agile Coach at Spoonique in Germany. I love reading books, playing Saxophone and speaking at conferences. My passion is to help teams implementing agile frameworks like Scrum and XP and to transform our world of work.

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  1. Hello Marc,

    Do you allow me to translate 10-things-to-drive-your-scrummaster-crazy in French ?
    Of course, I will add a link (+ you name or anything else) in the webpage



  2. Dear Marc,
    I really enjoyed your weblog, I found some useful hints that I hadn’t seen on other websites and blogs.
    I had a question for you, I work in a civil engineering company and I was wondering if Scrum is aplicable in these fields of work or it is just limited to softwares?


    1. Bonuses are given when the company is doing well and wants to share the bontuy with its employees, and they’re given to people liked by their bosses. Agile manager or anybody else they’ll get a bonus if their boss is happy with them, regardless of actual goals met and work performed. It can be phrased in different ways bonus for exceeding expectations, delivering great results, being a go-to person, going above and beyond, working hard, etc.., but at the heart of the matter is keeping one’s boss happy.

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