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Last week I talked about “Spicing up you retrospective” at the ALE2012. I did a similar talk in June at the ACE!Conference in Krakow. But after the talk in Krakow I had a chat with Bob Marshall and he pointed out that fun isn’t the (only) answer to make retrospectives better. He also pointed me to a blog post were he wrote about these issues. So, the following article is mainly based on his ideas.

Retrospective Challenges

For me, there are two main retrospective challenges:

  • Create a motivating environment and keep the people them engaged
  • Work on the identified items

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13 thoughts on “Inject Purpose Into Retrospectives”

  1. It’s really great how you described it!
    I’ve been using a very similar approach for a long time, but didn’t manage to conceptualize I was actually adding new phases to the approach suggested by “Agile retrospectives” book. And wouldn’t have been able to put it so nicely as well :o)
    However I think I’m doing also something more: besides checking if the action we tried was effective and actually satified the hypothesis, we also check whether the action was only a “one shot” action or we need to systemize something in our process, so that a sustained benefit is achieved.

    1. Thanks for your comment. I like the idea of checking if it was only a “one-shot” or if the team needs to do more. IMHO you always have to look if you’re only working on the symptoms instead of the real root cause.

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